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Charlotte's Web

Trivia Question for Friday 3/13 (Chapter 13):

What will it say on Wilbur’s crate when he goes to the State Fair?

Trivia Question for MOnday 3/16 (Chapter 14):

Who gets into poison ivy and gets stung by wasps and bees and brings frogs and snakes home?

Trivia Question for Tuesday 3/17 (Chapter 15):

Who announces that the summer is waning (or gone)?

Trivia Question for Wednesday 3/18 (Chapter 16):

Prior to the fair, Mrs. Zuckerman gives Wilbur a bath. What kind of bath?

Trivia Question For Thursday 3/19 (Chapter 17):

What does Mr. Zuckerman want to do at the Fair?

Trivia Question For Friday 3/20 (Chapter 18):

With whom does Fern ride in the Ferris wheel?

Trivia Question For Monday 3/23 (Chapter 19):

How many eggs were in Charlotte’s egg sac?

Trivia Question For Tuesday 3/24 (Chapter 20):

What does Wilbur win?

Trivia Question For WEdnesday 3/25 (Chapter 21):

How does Wilbur say good-bye to Charlotte?

Trivia Question For Thursday 3/26 (Chapter 22):

How do Charlotte's babies leave?